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Unlimited Blackjack

Unlimited blackjack is a new and modern take on this casino classic. An unlimited amount of players can sit on a single box, playing against the dealer and for further excitement, certain pairs will be split automatically.

A new way to enjoy a casino classic

A single box means an unlimited amount of players for one table, which provides an innovative experience.

Immersive Design

Designed with players in mind, our take on Unlimited Blackjack will immerse them into the best possible experience

Live Chat

Open for all players on the table – let them chat with the dealer, between themselves, or open a channel with a support agent right from the table.

Easy Tipping

Tips are a great way for gratitude to be expressed to all dealers. They are offered as an option for all players.

Basic Blackjack Blackjack 3:2
Player wins 1:1
Insurance 2:1

Ready to start

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to test our live games. Our team is always available at your disposal and will be glad to answer all your questions regarding Unlimited Blackjack

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