Our roulette is based on the traditional, European form, with a 37-number wheel and a single zero. We provide all the traditional inside and outside bets as well as French bets on the racetrack - Voisins du Zero, Tiers and, Orphelins. Our betting mechanics include a revolutionary swipe to bet functionality, the classical “Tap-to-Bet”, neighbors betting, as well as “Favorite” bets. We aim to provide an authentic casino experience for users with fast betting, easy doubling, and responsive tap regions.

For operators, our back office features easy to set-up limits and bet customisation. It provides you with full control over the player experience.

Features Matter

We offer a number of unique features aimed at making the experience more immersive and the betting more satisfying for our users.

Swipe to Bet

Swipe your finger on the board on your mobile device to bet on all possible sections along the way just like in the casino. Go back and forth to increase the section’s bet

Operator Customizable

Open for all players on the table – let them chat with the dealer, one another, or open a channel with a support agent right from the table

Live Chat

Allows for effortless communication. Players can chat between themselves, or open a channel with a support agent right from the table.

Favorite Bets

Option for players to save their multiple favourite bets in order to provide them with a simple and faster betting experience.

Detailed Game History

Hot, cold, recent, sectors, outside bet frequency drops – you name it, we have it! All statistics can be bet on with a single tap!

Personal Settings

Allows users to enable/disable certain features such as chat, swipe to bet etc.

Themes and Table views

To ensure maximum comfort, players can chose between transparent or solid themes as well as a 2D or 3D desktop betting table view.

Fully Localised

Our games are fully localised and available in many languages in order to provide players with a native experience.

Straight up 1 Number 35:1
Split 2 Numbers 17:1
Street 3 Numbers 11:1
Corner 4 Numbers 8:1
Line 6 Numbers 5:1
Column-Dozen 12 Numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 Numbers 1:1
Even/Odd 18 Numbers 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 Numbers 1:1

Ready to start

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to test our live games. Our team is always available at your disposal and will be glad to answer all your questions regarding Roulette

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