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The definitive solution for successful management

The tools we provide are specifically designed to give you all the information and control you need. We’ve developed a smooth and intuitive experience for both managers and data analysts.

Both quick overviews to make your decision-making efficient, and tools for generating granular reports with all the data that matters to you are at your fingertips in a clean and secure back office.

This is the only place a customer support agent has to visit to get the information he needs to decide a case – from instant game replays to detailed user profile and player history.

Currency conversion✔️
Real-time reporting✔️
Data export✔️
Instant game replay✔️
Multiple account levels✔️
Game configurations✔️
Fully responsive✔️

Built to perform.

The tools that put YOU in control of all our products.

Back Office

Monitoring Dashboards

You will have the most important metrics on a clean dashboard out of the box – monitor what matters at all times in your preferred currency

Back Office

Detailed Reporting

Pick the fields that matter and slice them based on time, game, operator, etc – leave no question unanswered. Easily build daily, monthly or custom-period reports and get bet distributions according to custom game properties to analyze your players’ behavior

Back Office

Game Customisation and Bonus Systems

We provide various bonus systems and game customizations allowing for greater control over the player’s experience. Cash bonuses, free spins in slots, various animation speeds for quicker gameplay – all easily manageable

Back Office

Reality Checks

Our own reality check system enables operators lacking the feature to effortlessly comply with regulations. Toggle the feature on or off, set preferred intervals, you are in control

Back Office

Instant Replаy

Find a user or round ID and replay the winning spin, hand or ball drop sector – never miss a beat or let anyone try to fool you again. Our comprehensive replay system provides all the data for a round and additionally visualizes each game round either graphically, or through a video replay

Back Office

Access Levels

Accounts in the back office are divided in groups and can have specific view or edit permissions to different sections. Customise how your team uses the tools at will. Create a master user that has complete access to your entire organization, spanning over multiple brands


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