Live Baccarat

The ultimate casino game for everyone

Extremely popular in Asia, Baccarat has proven itself to be one of the oldest and most enjoyed games! Whether its new players or high stakes veterans, the game appeals to everyone by being easy to learn.

Our Baccarat puts your customers on the same table and allows them to be part of the action on any device. Social interactions between players and our dealer further enhance the experience.

Standard Bet 
Side Bets 
Player Pair11:1
Banker Pair11:1
Perfect Pair25:1
Either Pair5:1

Built to perform.

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Immersive, colorful, rich

Let players experience the live casino vibes with our immersive design and colorful studios


Side Bets

All the side bets you need, and more. Perfect Pair, Either Pair, Super 6


Switchable Themes

Giving the ability to switch between a light and dark theme.


Comprehensive Statistics

Players are offered detailed and easy to read statistics with a switchable background.


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